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Rapid Impact Compactor - dynamic compaction of large ground improvement site

Versatility of the RIC equipment is such that we envision numerous applications. Essentially designed for compaction of granular soils, benefits have also been noted in random fills and mine wastes. Compaction of fills and loose natural deposits is the typical objective; however, the RIC equipment can also serve as a diagnostic tool, identifying zones that do not respond well to dynamic compaction. Such areas may include high-plasticity soils, buried tires (or other uncompressible debris), or a host of other unexpected "surprises". Identification of these zones allows the engineer to accurately localize areas for removal and recompaction, and can provide superior economy on sites where the only apparent solution is to replace all fills because investigations have indicated the presence of some undesirable soils.

Assessment of compaction achieved in random fills is typically more difficult to test (and hence quantify), the visual aspect of settlement of the surface supports the fact that ground improvement is being achieved. As use of the equipment expands, so will the data base of test information.

The following provides a brief list of potential and current applications:

Please contact us to discuss other potential applications for this exciting new process...

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